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How to reach us

You can reach Njivice from direction Zagreb and Rijeka. From direction Zagreb you can take the highway Zagreb – Rijeka, and leave it at the roadsign Island Krk, then cross the Krk Bridge and you arrive to the Island Krk. From direction Rijeka, you should drive along the coast following the signs leading to the Island Krk, then you cross the Krk Bridge and you arrive to the Island Krk. Following the signs, you will pass Omišalj and the next village is Njivice.


When you strike from the main road you enter the village Njivice. Then you drive along a short winding road and reach the first crossroads. Reaching the crossroads you can drive straight down or turn left, but you should turn left. Drive straight on, you will pass the bus stop and come to the sign Krsto Frankopan Street. You take a turn into this street, drive along the Krsto Frankopan Street until you reach the first turning on the right. Here you must stop and change into the first gear, because the street descends towards the sea very precipitously.
Go down this street the crossroads, here the road ends,be careful because here begins the sea and the beach. In front of you is the sea, the street branches off to right and left from this point, turn right and you have reached the Nikola Jurjevic Street. Drive along the beach until number 3 and here we are. Welcome to the small heaven on earth.

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